Demonstration of the possibilities of DISE


Welcome to the DISE-Demonstration survey and thank you for your interest

DISE stands for Dynamic Intelligent Survey Engine and offers many dynamic and non-dynamic stated preference data collection methods. With DISE, you can easily build sophisticated surveys, which combines traditional, but also innovative data collection methods. The purpose of this demonstration survey is to introduce you to all the different possibilities, which DISE offers.

The research idea of DISE is described in:
  • Schlereth, Christian / Skiera, Bernd (2012): "DISE: Dynamic Intelligent Survey Engine", in: Quantitative Marketing and Marketing Management - Festschrift in Honor of Udo Wagner, eds: A. Diamantopoulos, W. Fritz and L. Hildebrandt, Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag, 225-243 [Download].

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